Is PK Business Marketing Of Redmond, Washington Running A Scam Operation?

PK Business Marketing runs a blog that Jefferson and Harvey use to prey upon small business people who aren't familiar with website development and marketing.

Keith Jefferson
The Smooth Talker

Paula Harvey
The Massage Girl

Trying to track down these two? You might not find that very easy. They use a variety of addresses, phone numbers, fake offices, and business names to stay one step ahead of you.

Where are they, really?

PK Business Marketing doesn't display an office address on the blog site. That isn't surprising considering the number of addresses they have. Maybe they couldn't decide which one to use.

Fake Office Address

One of the many addresses Jefferson and Harvey use is 23316 NE Redmond-Fall City Rd #533, Redmond, WA 98053. We took at look at that address on Google maps. Don't bother going there, it's a Fake Office. You won't find them there.

The Apartment

It seems the dynamic duo gave the Washington State Dept of Revenue the address to an apartment in Redmond, WA.
11418 183rd Place, NE Apt L4037,
Redmond WA 98052-7413
Life Aligned LLC
The interesting thing about that tax record is that we now know their real business is Life Aligned LLC, they just use PK Business Marketing to hide behind.

The Big House

According to the corporate record for Life Aligned LLC, it seems Paula Harvey has been doing pretty well in life for a massage girl., which tracks home sales, shows her living in a house worth nearly a million dollars.
She must be a very very good massage girl.

The Big Foreclosure

Then again, maybe she isn't such a good massage girl. Foreclosure tracking company Vestus shows the property at 3415 259TH WAY NE REDMOND, WA 98053 has been foreclosed.
Well, now, that explains why they need that apartment.

C6 Trading LLC

Of course, it's possible that this isn't the first time Jefferson tried to get rich by taking money from others. In 2005 Keith Jefferson started a securities trading business. Seems it didn't go so well. The operation closed shortly after Paula Harvey registered Life Aligned, LLC.
A common tactic of scammers is to start one company, run it until the wolves are at the door, then close it down and start another.

Court Case Against Keith A Jefferson

All things considered, it's really no surprise that Keith A Jefferson is currently the defendent in a court case. Now we understand a little better why he doesn't post his address on his PK Business Marketing website. Maybe one of those small business owners he's been "helping" decided they want their money back.

Simple Math Says Jefferson Is A Liar

Jefferson claims he's been an IT Leader for 30 years. Court records say he's 48 years old. Simple math tells us he'd need to have been an "IT Leader" since he was 18 years old, highly doubtful. That was easy, his claim of having a college degree, like his claim of having been a VP and CIO at AT&T Wireless, aren't so easy to verify.

What We Know About Paula Harvey

In addition to her consulting through PK Business Marketing, Harvey claims to be on the faculty of an organization named the Executive Development Institute, located at 40 Lake Bellevue Suite 100, Bellevue, Washington 98005. The person who registered that business is named "Starr MacDonald". We checked the EDI address in Google Maps which shows it as the address for Venture Real Estate. That's okay, maybe they rent space from Venture.

Harvey The Teacher

The EDI website says they do a lot of work with women in the Asian community. Harvey's bio also includes training as a massage girl. Apparently, she graduated from the Bellevue Massage School. She refers to herself as a Certified Passion Test Facilitator, who supports you through what she calls a "Passion Test". I'll bet she does. While that occupation isn't listed among the Bureau of Labor Service Industry Codes, it does give us a pretty good idea what she may be teaching all those Asian women at EDI.

Paula's Passion Parties

Another blurb on Harvey's bio at ZoomInfo says, "you can hire Paula Harvey to do her passion finding work shop as the chief entertainment for the party. The sound will come though your computer and you can hook up your speakers so everyone can hear. It is also possible for each person to call in and listen by phone. She will send you some materials after you have made all the arrangements on her end and you will use those materials during her presentation ... It will have instructions for what you need to do if you want Paula and I to do a "party" for you."
That Paula sounds like a real fun gal.

Harvey In Court

Tracking down Harvey's history in court was pretty easy, there are 17 court cases involving someone using the name Paula Harvey. Unfortunately, since there are so many cases and use of the name Paula Harvey is so common, we simply can't be sure how many times Harvey has been forced to explain herself to a judge or whether any of the cases involve her work as a massage girl.

Calling PK Business Marketing

While the PK Business Marketing blog doesn't provide an address for the business, it does include a phone number... well, sort of. It's only a cellphone number, but when we called it, Jefferson did answer. He tried to avoid giving his name, but we got it out of him.
District Attorneys throughout the nation are calling for greater control over the use of cellphones because "... individuals suspected of criminal activity attempt to defeat surveillance by discarding and obtaining new pre-paid, throw-away cell phones."
That could explain why there is no street address on Jefferson's blog site. When things get hot, it's a lot harder to throw away your house than your cellphone.

Is PK Business Marketing A Scam?

We can't say for sure that PK Business Marketing fits the legal definition of a scam. What we do know is that Jefferson charges people for SEO work that he doesn't seem very qualified to do or knowledgable about.
We know they prey on disgruntled business people who have a complaint against a particular directory website, claiming Jefferson may be able to help get their site ranked higher in the search engines than the listing for their business in the directory site.
Not surprisingly, Keith Jefferson doesn't say how much that service will cost or explain how simple it is for a business to achieve top placement for their own business name, though it is clear that he's angry with the directory site for not removing a listing for one of his customers so he could get paid without doing any actual work.
If you feel you've been scammed by Keith Jefferson and Paula Harvey, contact your Attorney General. Part of what the Office of the Attorney General does is to collect complaints against businesses that make false claims or take money without rendering any actual service.
If Jefferson and Harvey haven't yet talked you into parting with your money, don't walk, run. There are plenty of legitimate business people offering affordable Internet services.
If you'd like to share your experience with PK Business Marketing, email full details of what happened and how much money you lost to: